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Welcome to Cattail.Nu

It is a clear summer night, and the stars overhead flicker brightly. Standing at the pond's edge, you look out across the calm water toward the cattails growing on the far shore. You notice a slight ripple in the water and search the shadows until you see a nearly invisible bird. The chatter of frogs and crickets is broken occasionally by a loon singing 'ha-oo-oo'.

You sense someone's eyes on you and look to your right. Sitting peacefully near a large aspen tree, you notice a young woman with binoculars... That's me taking a break from my projects (see below).


2 Minute Decision - Short, dark essay
Tap Forms 5 Database Things
Journal Tools (Bullet Journals, etc.) Make yourself some pretty layouts and artwork.
Writing Tools.

Random Gallery

My family, friends, photos, artwork.

More Images



Bilbo and Smaug, an origami animation
Jet Hunter, an origami animation
Kawasaki's Rose - Additional Folding Help
More Origami and Animations



NEW: Watercolor Course
Newton's Wheel
Coloring Dragons by John Howe colored with color analysis
Portable Artist Supply Box
Make a Book Graphic Tutorial
Fractal Photoshop Brushes
Photoshop Tutorials
Black and White Fractal Details
December 2012 Doodles
Some Random New Fractals (sized for iPad backgrounds)



The Intelligent Convention
The Spiral Thought
do what you want
More Stories and Writings



Mac GeekTool Shell Scripts
CattailArtNSColor Objective C / Cocoa Class
How To Convert MP3 to Midi
Troubleshooting core data issues with Head First iPhone Development Chapter 7 Fugitive app
MS Access 2007+ Search Form Objects - Developer tool.
Outlook 2007 Visual Basic Script to Save Emails/Attachments



Advanced Typing Exercises
How to Find Shark Teeth
Scary Halloween Math
Regular Expressions
Other College Assignments
UMUC Transcript


Poison Ivy

Rash Pictures
Home Remedies
A Poison Ivy Tutorial



Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator Mission Wizard
Artemis Jump Drive Training

Katsucon 2015 Sounds
Make a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP)
The Princess Bride Spoof
Notes on Ancient Anguish
Bunco Christmas Card Video
SMCCC Meeting Video
Candle Meditation
Island/Eye Soundless Movie (quicktime, 2.3Mb)
My UserFriendly Contest Entry
My UserFriendly Contest Entry 2010
Animation Master Trials
Where's Shaggy?

Random Sketchbook

Some of my doodles, with a couple cameo works by my nieces.
If you happen to get the slot-machine winning draw of all the same image,
just use the 'More Sketchbook Images' button.

My entire art card collection is now available as a 2 volume book set on Amazon. Find them here.

More Sketchbook Images


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My YouTube Videos
My MorgueFile Gallery
My World Community Grid Team
My Linux Gazette article on Shells


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