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I counted the number of drinks
until I was too drunk to use the app.
I counted the number of times you said,
"I love you."
I counted the steps in Blarney Castle
to see if the tourist guide was lying.
I counted the number of days
you kept watch while I slept.
Thank you.
I counted the number of times
you sneezed into your hand
and didn't wash.
I posted it to my blog.
If all math starts
with counting,
does that mean the
Cattail.Nu Counter
can do all math?
I counted my horse's steps
and used the time to
calculate beats per minute
for my freestyle dressage music.
We tried to count the stars, but ended up kissing instead.
I used the date/time function of
the Counter to track my smoking habit,
and eventually quit.
I bought the Cattail.Nu Counter
even though I don't own an iPhone® or iPod touch®.
It's just so cool, I had to be able to say
I have it!
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I never knew how to count before.
It was always 1, 2, Many. Now I know
what people mean by 8 and 13.
My life is forever changed.
I counted the number of licks
to the center of the lollipop.
I tried to count the boats sailing past,
but I got sidetracked
wiggling my toes in the sand.
I counted ingredients
when I was baking.
You counted the days
until I returned.
It was very romantic.
I counted my fingers. How come there were 11?
I counted the number of times
I thought about killing myself.
I'm glad you found out and stopped me.
I counted my blessings.
I counted the beats of
my favorite song and used
the data to score the music.
Toastmaster Ah and Um Counter.
I used the Counter during a work meeting:
"Think outside the box." - 3
"Synergy" - 18
"Paradigm" - 4
"Bottom Line" - 32
I counted the seconds
of my life ticking away
until I realized they'd
tick away anyway.
I counted my heartbeats
during meditation.
Will you count me too?
I counted the number of times
you discreetly looked at me during
biology class.  
I tried counting sheep and never fell asleep.
I never realized before now
how many things there are to count!
I used the Cattail.Nu Counter
to check how even my flute trill is by
tapping with my trill finger and
checking the results.
My friend and I raced to see who could
count to 1000 first. I won!
I counted until I had my temper back under control.
We used the Cattail.Nu Counter to
keep score in Spades.
You can't be serious?
A counting app????
(All these comments were made up by me courtesy of my demented humor;
visit the Forum for real stuff.)

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