COMM 380 IPA for Web

This series of charts is my compilation of our symbols, sounds, symbol names, and html codes required to produce the symbols. The provided symbol descriptions are what I think they look like and how I choose to memorize them.

Normal Consonents

bdf ghk lmn stv wyz *

* Note: missing r sound?


θthinO with horizontal linegreek small letter thetaθ
ðthisd with line through stemlatin small letter ethð
ʤjumpd with a 3 next to itlatin small letter dezh diagraphʤ
ŋringn with j taillatin small leter engŋ
ɾbuttersquared rlatin small letter r with fishhookɾ
ʃshirtlongated slatin small letter eshʃ
ʦchanget with an elongated slatin small letter ts diagraphʦ
ʒpleasurenumber 3latin small letter ezhʒ
ʔbuttonquestion mark - no dotlatin letter glottal stopʔ


cheesei with y iʸ
ɪhitIlatin small letter capital Iɪ
baye with y eʸ
ɛmenbackward 3latin small letter open Eɛ
æmanaelatin small letter aeæ
ama  a
ɔlawbackward Clatin small letter open oɔ
ʌhut^latin small letter turned vʌ
əaboutupsidedown eschwaə
whou with wrhotacized schwauʷ
ɚherupsidedown e with cursive rlatin small letter schwa with hookɚ
ʊputhorseshoe - top openlatin small letter upsilonʊ
goo with w oʷ
nowa with w aʷ
whya with y aʸ

Quick HTML

Use the unicode listed to show symbols.

<p>Theresa Lynn Ford:<br>
<font face="arial unicode ms" color="magenta">
t&#652; ri&#696; s&#652; l&#618;n f&#652;rd


Theresa Lynn Ford:
tʌ riʸ sʌ lɪn fʌrd