Free Sea Turtle Graphics

With thanks to Dean Hey for all his help!!!

These are graphics I assembled for my general paper on sea turtles for my Environment and Ecosystems Management course. See my paper for the references. I thought they might make good flyer / information handout / presentation material.

Use them freely. Modify them freely. Citation really isn't necessary. However, please don't pretend you created them and sell them for lots and lots of money (unless you give me at least half the take, so I can pass it along to an appropriate sea turtle fund).

If you want, send me an email and tell me how you used them.

Graphic Web Version Print Version Adobe Illustrator File*
Sea Turtle Life Cycle Small (64 Kb) Large (1.16 Mb) AI (170 Kb)
Basic Sea Turtle Vocabulary Small (21 Kb) Large (131 Kb) AI (1.1 Mb)
Longline Fishing Small (33 Kb) Large (472 Kb) AI (162 Kb)

* You will probably have to change the font if you use the AI file - I used the User Friendly comic font.

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