Plot Generation Database using PLOTTO by William Wallace Cook

This is a writer's tool based on the plot generation book:

A New Method of Plot Suggestion for Writers of Creative Fiction

By William Wallace Cook
Originally published in 1928 by Ellis Publishing Co.

This book is for generating story plots based on people and conflicts. Copies of the pages are freely available on the Internet and some OCR texts have been made. There's at least one web version with hyperlinks for manually building your own plots.

This database, however, builds random plots for you based on derived text. Generated plots cite the original text location by page, clause, and conflict and letter so you can reference the source and trace the plot's lineage through the PLOTTO method.

Simply run the 'Build Plot' script to have a new random plot created.

For those of you finding this page through a web search for "PLOTTO database" or "PLOTTO automatic database" or "PLOTTO generate plots" or "PLOTTO build plots", this is indeed a database application that automatically generates/builds plots based on a translation of the original PLOTTO book. You do not need to track or "look up" protagonists, actions, resolutions, conflict numbers, letters, and asterisks. You will need the software Tap Forms to open and use it. See my notes within the database for commentary about the data translation.

This has been tested in the Mac version of Tap Forms. I do not know how well it will run on the iOS version.

Download (32Mb)