Tap Forms JavaScript Scripting 102
Forms, Records, Fields, Values
by T. L. Ford

Section 0: Overview

This tutorial covers how to programmatically interact with your Tap Forms database through its script objects.


When you are done with this tutorial, you will know how script objects represent things in your database and how to apply the Tap Forms documentation. You'll be able to write simple scripts that retrieve, sort, and filter records. You'll know how to create a record and add data to it, how to activate that record, and how to continue going forward.

Images are from the Mac desktop: Tap Forms 5, Version 5.3.11 (Build 962).

These sections are designed to be read in order - concepts build upon each other and some sections are longer than others.

The first two sections detail a lot of theory about objects, methods, and properties. If you already understand that, feel free to skip ahead after peeking at the graphics.

Notes are included for people with a background in SQL and VBA, but everyone else can ignore those.

If you would like to run the scripts in this tutorial or fiddle with them, you can download database below. All of the scripts in this tutorial are included (even the ones that demonstrate how not to write code).

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