Tap Forms Archive (tfarc) Photo Extraction

How to extract blob files to image files:

1. In Tap Forms, export the form as an archive.
Click on the instruction images to see them larger.

2. Rename the [form name].tfarc to [form name].zip and unzip it.
This creates a [form name] directory.


3. Open data.json (found in the created [form name] directory) in a text editor and copy the contents.
Cmd+a (to select all) then Cmd+c (to copy).

4. Paste contents below.
Click in text area. Cmd+v (to paste).

5. Click button.

6. Copy below.

7. In Terminal, change to the form directory.
cd [full path to directory]

8. Check this text in a text editor (you are responsible for your own data/actions).
Paste the code from above into your terminal.
This created a new directory called extracted_images and an extracted_images/index.txt file.


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