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September 2004 Artwork Contest : On the Streets of Tantallon

Draw, sketch, paint, or digitally draw how you see any street in Tantallon from a first person perspective (as a person looking left, right, up, or down a street).


Prizes are for First, Second, and Third place entries and include permanent recognition/display in the Contest Gallery and an autoloading (1 year) in-game object like a medal you can show off (to be determined).


Entries AcceptedSeptember 1, 2004 - September 30, 2004
JudgingOctober 1, 2004 - October 15, 2004
Winners AnnouncedOctober 25, 2004


How to Enter

Step 1: You will need 2 versions of your art (the same +/- the optional signature):

Step 2: Email these things to

Step 3: Mudmail these things to Jerusulum using the character over level 10.

How Winners Will Be Chosen

Winners will be chosen by the Immortals of Ancient Anguish (1 vote per Immortal that chooses to participate during the judging period).