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Ancient Anguish Things to Do

How many of these have you done? They're divided into Social and Solo Activities, though solo activites can be done socially. This is also merely a partial list as Ancient Anguish has MANY things to do.

Social Activities

  1. Form a party.
  2. Join a guild.
  3. Grab a newbie carving.
  4. Help somebody you've never met before.
  5. Have a quiet dinner for two at Oblivos' or the Gold Cat.
  6. Give away 10,000 coins.
  7. Push someone off a cliff.
  8. Dollop someone's nose with frosting.
  9. Go on a scalp hunt.
  10. Get a divorce.
  11. Flirt outrageously.
  12. Rescue someone from quicksand.
  13. Help your guild members.
  14. Whap someone with a pink elephant.
  15. Rescue your party mates.
  16. Play draughts.
  17. Play poker.
  18. Play trivia.
  19. Play takinikoo.
  20. Play stars.
  21. Play chess.
  22. Play crossroads.
  23. Post a Flame (on the Flame Board, YOU!).
  24. Give a coin to Edog (Tantallon Inn Room Rent).
  25. Steal coins from a mark.
  26. Escape a bounty.
  27. Help a frog.
  28. Use a voodoo doll to torture someone.
  29. Join the Mortal Council.
  30. Share a friendship necklace with a friend.
  31. Ask your guild members for help.
  32. Collect a LOT of signatures.
  33. Catch a thief in action using 2 different objects to help.
  34. Throw a pie in someone's face.
  35. Throw a frisbee to someone.
  36. Shower someone with rice.
  37. Shout something.
  38. Send a tell to a friend.
  39. Celebrate a birthday with a birthday cake.
  40. Give a coin to Suze (Wok's request).
  41. Purge someone.
  42. Be a Christmas tree.
  43. Use all the feelings listed in 'help feelings'.
  44. Get uglified.
  45. Identify an object for someone.
  46. Get married.
  47. Make a snowball and a mudball. Throw them at someone.
  48. Take a friend out for a slap-up meal.
  49. Fill a little black scroll.
  50. Give someone warts.
  51. Survive 12 online hours in the Society of Killers.
  52. Spend some time in a private room.

Solo Activities

  1. Kill like a mofo.
  2. Max out all your stats.
  3. Max out all your weapon skills.
  4. Complete the quests.
  5. Follow Gaius' advice.
  6. Stake an ogre.
  7. Kill a frying pan.
  8. Fly on the flying shield.
  9. Make pottery.
  10. Get wet from a river, ocean, lake, stream, pond, and rain.
  11. Make your own beer.
  12. Toss a dwarf.
  13. Pick flowers.
  14. Prospect for gold.
  15. Cook on a frying pan.
  16. Find a needle in the hay.
  17. Sculpt something out of snow.
  18. Build a sand castle.
  19. Eat an insect leg.
  20. Buy stocks and shares.
  21. Make a tent.
  22. Enter a coffin.
  23. Eat chocolate cake.
  24. Smash a door.
  25. Use a grapple.
  26. Turn in 8 different criminals to Picckard.
  27. Chew some gum.
  28. Get trapped inside a harem.
  29. Read two different newspapers.
  30. Hear a story by a ghost of an elven mage.
  31. Dive off a cliff.
  32. Shoot an arrow.
  33. Make things out of clay.
  34. Take a steam bath.
  35. Stumble into a poison ivy patch.
  36. Drink Hobbitat Firebreather.
  37. Hear a story in Gold Cat's inn.
  38. Read a monolith.
  39. Fish with a net and pole.
  40. Canoe.
  41. Play darts.
  42. Swim in hot springs.
  43. Sleep in 4 different Inns.
  44. Smoke 4 from different things, some filled with
  45. Have Drudge tell you a story.
  46. Dive for pearls.
  47. Play boggle.
  48. Learn to identify the best quality whiteleaf.
  49. Cuddle a teddy.
  50. Get upstairs at Hanza's.
  51. Ride a ferry.
  52. Catch a baby.
  53. Roll your own cigars.
  54. Weave a cloak.
  55. Carve in a tree.
  56. Plant and grow nightshade to maturity.
  57. Forage for herbs.
  58. Carve a walrus tusk.
  59. Turn into a stone statue.
  60. Ride in 3 different kinds of boats.
  61. Sit on a folding chair.
  62. Look at yourself in a mirror.
  63. Run packages for the Commodity Exchange.
  64. Train weapons with Zhou and Carcera.
  65. Buy yourself 4 different pets.
  66. Sell corpses to a butcher.
  67. Hear a bard sing 8 different songs.
  68. Buy sausages from a butcher.
  69. Have weird dreams in 3 different places.
  70. Beat a packrat to a dropped item.
  71. Kick an orc.
  72. Dive into the river under Burham Woods.
  73. Breathe under water.
  74. Buy pipeweed from the tobacconists.
  75. Participate in the ogres' mating ritual.
  76. Drink witch's brew.
  77. Sell pipeweed to the tobbaconist.
  78. Sell a pelt to the tanner.
  79. Sell a corpse to a butcher.
  80. Genuflect advice from a brazen head.
  81. Join the society of killers.
  82. Drink a potion.
  83. Animate the dead.
  84. Auction an item.
  85. Use a unique.
  86. Drink an elixir.
  87. Spend too much.
  88. Kill a squid.
  89. Make a colourful ball of fire explode in the sky.
  90. Break a thumb.
  91. Get killed 6 ways other than by a monster or another player.
  92. Learn first aid.
  93. Distill your own medicine.
  94. Loiter with intent to steal.
  95. Dive for oysters.
  96. Become incredibly poor.
  97. Become incredibly rich.
  98. Find the non-violent solution to your favourite quest.
  99. Watch whales.
  100. Climb a cliff.
  101. Sleep in a bedroll.
  102. Jump off a bridge.
  103. Run away like a wimp.
  104. Bribe a shopkeeper.
  105. Enter three different fireplaces.
  106. Polish a shield.
  107. Become an expert sculptor.
  108. Sing along with Lars and Death.
  109. Join a seance.
  110. Wear a turban, fez, and at least 20 different kinds of head gear.
  111. Get a haircut.
  112. Get a tattoo, body piercing, hair style.
  113. Speak a dead language.
  114. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  115. Solve 4 different puzzles.
  116. Hunt for a hidden flag.
  117. Do a mission for Samantha.
  118. Kick Liander.
  119. Mail a letter at the Tantallon post office.
  120. Get mentioned in the Hall of Heroes.
  121. Temporarily change your gender.
  122. Eat a knigget and a knugget.
  123. Wade and swim in a river.
  124. Get poisoned and cured.
  125. Do math with an abacus.
  126. Attend a dark mass.
  127. Tell Lorius lost.
  128. Tell Auctioneer list.
  129. Tell Webster a word you don't know.
  130. Tell Brog recent bounties.
  131. Tell Dibbs recent demotions.
  132. Tell Mortus recent deaths.
  133. Save a sacrificial child.
  134. Build 1000 (2000?) cairns.
  135. Poison a blade, a drink, and food.
  136. Disarm a trap.
  137. Watch a belly dance.
  138. Shrink.
  139. Train with Zhou and Carcera.
  140. Climb down a well in at least 2 different places.
  141. Climb trees in at least 5 different places.
  142. Read at least 10 different books.
  143. Write your own room description.
  144. Feed Growle.
  145. Go on a Treasure Hunt.
  146. Seduce an orc.
  147. Trap a bunny.
  148. Learn the power of numerology.
  149. Find hidden treasure in at least 10 different places.
  150. Lead a princess to her demise.
  151. Become a boulder.
  152. Summon two different demons.

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