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Artemis Mission Wizard


The Artemis Mission Wizard is a Microsoft Access database application that creates Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator custom mission scripts (XML) using selected code snippets. The wizard creates a mission story for a single ship (Artemis). Select snippets for creatures, enemies, bases, events, space features (anomalies, asteroids, black holes, mines, nebulas), and friendly ships. Fill in your story, arrange your map, and save and play. Programming constructs (variables, state control, condition/command syntax) are all done by the wizard. The XML generated works with the default (vanilla) Artemis installation, and has comments/folder structure to support the Artemis Mission Editor for additional customization.

Snippets in Current Version

Friendly Ship Goes From To
and Disappears
Biomech Stage 1
Biomech Stage 2
Biomech Stage 3
Biomech Stage 4
Piranha (3)
Piranha (5)
Piranha (9)
Whales (3)
Whales (3)
Whales (5)
Whales (5)
Whales (9)
Whales (9)
Arvonian Carrier
Arvonian Fighter
Arvonian Fighter (6)
Arvonian Light Carrier
Kralien Battleship
Kralien Cruiser
Kralien Dreadnought
Skaraan Defiler
Skaraan Enforcer
Skaraan Executor
Torgoth Behemoth
Torgoth Goliath
Torgoth Leviathan
You Pick
You Pick (Elite, with AI)
Enemy Base
Enemy Fleet
3 Ships
4 Ships
5 Ships
6 Ships
7 Ships
You Pick 3 Ships (Elite, with AI)
You Pick 5 Ships (Elite, with AI)
You Pick 7 Ships (Elite, with AI)
Every Script, Single Ship
Friendly Base
Deep Space
You Pick (Configurable)
Friendly Ship
Bulk Cargo
Luxury Liner
Science Vessel
You Pick
Create 3 Ship Enemy Fleet
near selected point
Comms Media (.OGG) on Timer
Comms Message at Location
Comms Message at Location + Timer
Comms Message on Timer
Console Popup Message at Location
Console Popup Message on Timer
Main Screen Big Message at Location
Main Screen Big Message on Timer
Realm Advanced
Change Skybox If Inside Coords
Change Skybox Randomly on Timer
Create Mines/Asteroids/Nebula, n by n grid
Jump Player Ship From To Points
Nebulas in Amoeba-ish Shape
Nebulas with Shield/Energy Drain
Shield/Energy Boost at Location
Shield/Energy Drain at Location
Realm Anomaly
+ 500 Energy (Anomaly)
+ Damcon (Vigoranium Nodule)
Comms: Instant surrender. Double Agent. 5 min (secret code case)
Eng: Heat loss reduction. 5 min (Cetrocite Crystal)
Helm: Warp/impulse boost. 5 min (Infusion P-Coils)
Sci: Instant scanning. 5 min (Lateral Array)
Weap: Recharge/damage rate (Tauron Focusers)
Weap: Shield boost (Carapaction Coils)
Realm Basic
Asteroids In a Circle
Asteroids In a Line
Asteroids In an Arc
Black Hole
Generic Mesh
Mines In a Circle
Mines In a Line
Mines In an Arc
Nebulas In a Circle
Nebulas In a Line
Nebulas In an Arc
Away Mission to Enemy Base
Away Mission to Enemy Ship
Away Mission to Friendly Base
Away Mission to Friendly Ship
Deploy Enemy Ship at Location
Deploy Friendly Ship at Location
Destroy All Enemies
Dock with Friendly Base
Enemy Ship travels from A to B to C to D
Friendly Ship travels from A to B to C to D
Friendly vs. Enemy
Template 2x2
Task Linker
Alter Named Object
Block of Custom XML
Create Anomaly
Create Anomaly
Create BioMech
Create Black Hole
Create Enemy Base
Create Enemy Fleet (3)
Create Enemy Ship
Create Friendly Base
Create Friendly Ship
Create Mines/Asteroids/Nebula, n by n grid
Create Monster
Create Monster
Create Whale
Destroy Named Object
Destroy Near XYZ
Just a Comms Message
NGC 1120
NGC 1121
NGC 1122
NGC 1123
NGC 1130
NGC 1132
NGC 1133
NGC 1140
NGC 1141
NGC 1150
NGC 1151

How to Use

  1. Download or
  2. Unzip to the location of your choice.
  3. Double-click the ArtemisMissionWizard.accdb to open it in Microsoft Access.
    (note: You will need Microsoft Access 2007 or later.)
  4. Click 'Create New Mission'.
  5. Enter the MISS_xxxx name for your mission XML.
  6. Click 'Add Snippet'. Select and add as many snippets as you want.
  7. Fill in the Story.
  8. Arrange the map.
  9. Click 'Save Mission XML'.
  10. Install and run your mission or continue customization using the Artemis Mission Editor.

Demo Video:

artemis_mission_wizard_5.mp4 Version 5.0 showing how to link tasks using the mission controller values.

Artemis_Mission_Wizard.mp4 Updated for Version 3.0. With sound!


Main Menu (5.0)

Mission Designer (5.0) - showing a super-complex mission...

Add Snippet (5.0)

Story Details View (5.0)

Q & A

How do I save my scripts to a different directory? I have Artemis in custom folders.

To save to a different directory, there's an "Edit Folder List" menu midway down on the main menu, on the right. Add yours, make sure to include the final \. Then restart or reload the menu form, and pick it.

How do I change the default ship names so I don't have to type in my own each time?

You change it in the Every/Every snippet. See artemis_mission_wizard_change_default_ship_names.png.

I have some mission code I use all the time. Can I (or you) add it?

You'll see some specifically added USN maps in the 'select snippet' screen, because I got a request to make them easy to add, along with "here's the code that creates the maps we want". So if you have specific static code, yes, it's fairly easy and I can toss it into the next update, under your own snippet category.
Creating a dynamic snippet that gives you fill-in prompts and such is harder, with significant difference between a simple "place selectable object at selectable x/y/z" and a full task to "pick up escape pods". I have an outdated dev document that's pretty ugly on how to go about creating snippets. Feel free to peruse the Wizard Snippet Dev Menu, and the various snippets.
Because the wizard creates unique variable names, you should be able to copy/paste wizard-generated code in with your normal TSN mission script file without fear of conflicts, and vice versa.

Useful Artemis Links:

Free Download


  • Tested, reusable snippets.
  • Supports the Artemis Mission Editor.
  • Creates specific console instructions (txt files) as appropriate.

Contact Me:

  • Please report any bugs, script errors, script inefficiencies. There's a mountain of code, and I am not infallible.


  • 2015-03-31: Version 5.0. New linkable/cascading tasks. Artemis 2.2/2.3 support. Task initiation rewrite (waits for player ship to spawn/start). Updated interface.
  • 2015-12-05: Version 4.0. Bug fixes, upgrades, a few new snippets.
  • 2015-11-04: Version 3.0. New story window, feature tweaks, some tasks for missions. Video updated.
  • 2015-10-18: Created / Uploaded. This is just the first cut of snippets, mostly standard things.


  • Not associated with either authors/programmers of the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator or the Artemis Mission Editor.
  • Artwork by Chris Flick,