Artemis Questions


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1. How many Class A rooms aboard a typical Terran Luxury Liner?

2. Keystroke: Help

3. Keystroke: Increase Power on Current System (Engineering)

4. Keystroke: Board Carrier (Fighter)

5. Keystroke: Toggle Reverse (Helm)

6. Keystroke: Next Screen (Data Console)

7. Keystroke: Select Homings (Weapons)

8. Keystroke: Decrease Power on Current System (Engineering)

9. 2 Skaraans are attacking DS3. 3 Kraliens and a Torgoth are attacking Luxury Liner F06. Your ship is currently engaging a 7 ship enemy fleet, including an Arvonian carrier that has just launched 5 additional fighters. How many cookies can you eat before the Captain tells you to scan the nearest enemy?

10. Keystroke: Boost Speed (Fighter)

11. Keystroke: Roll Left (Fighter)

12. A velocity change of 3.5/t x 10-2 m:s-1 (where t is the number of years until potential impact) will successfully deflect an asteroid on a direct collision trajectory for a planet. Calculate the velocity change required for a light cruiser, moving at Warp 3, to avoid an asteroid on a direct collision trajectory for the ship. Use µs (microseconds, i.e. one millionth (0.000001 or 10-6 or 1/1,000,000) of a second) instead of t (years).

13. Keystroke: Select Previous Contact (Science)

14. Keystroke: Yaw Right (Fighter)

15. Keystroke: Map Zoom Out (Science)

16. How many cheesecakes (1 each per item count) and cookies (1 baker's dozen per item count) get destroyed when a Civilian Base gets destroyed?

17. Keystroke: Break (Fighter)

18. Keystroke: Zoom In (Helm, Weapons)

19. Keystroke: Toggle Auto-beams (Weapons)

20. Keystroke: Rudder Left (Helm)




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