Lawful Good Thief

Book 1: Kingdom of Thieves
A novel by  T.L. Ford (www.Cattail.Nu)

When Kevin Bennett, Merryweather's Guildmaster, plays with a weapon, he'd better know how to avoid getting cut.

Certainly, Angela Thomas is a very sharp weapon despite her youth and foolish choice of bed partners. Born of seamstress and sailor, she is lured into the world of assassins, hidden agendas, and deadly encounters.

The magical geas binding Angela into obedient slavery will only last so long and Kevin plots long-term to overthrow the ruler of all the thieves' dens.

But will the weapon he's created serve him? Angela must choose between a future of light or darkness. Can she surprise them all and choose both?

 Lawful Good Thief Book

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2013-03-26: Book 2 FINISHED.
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