Stealing Magic

Book 2: Kingdom of Thieves
A novel by  T.L. Ford (www.Cattail.Nu)

Her name is Angela Thomas and after years of dedicated practice, she is finally a highly-skilled, newly confirmed Master of the Thieves' Guild.

She's ready to go home and assume her duties as heir to Merryweather's Guildmaster, but events give her more responsibility (and more danger) than she's expecting.

It seems that when a thief becomes adept with the skills taught in 'A Master Thief's Observations', that thief gains some unsuspected abilities and the Mages' Guild just might have something to say about that.

Then when someone steals spellbooks from the Vrolt mages, Angela becomes the prime suspect, but which organization is leading the hunt and targeting her allies first? The Mages' Guild? The Vrolt? The Rashesh king? Her own Guild's ruler?

Can Angela sort it out without getting killed?

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