Dots will not download.
Scroll down for instructions.


1. Where are the spacer height and colors? Scroll down in the options subwindow.

2. What are the right settings? Settings vary by lettering style.

Copperplate: Spacing ratio of 3:2:3 at 55 degrees.

8.5" x 11" PDF: 0.5 grid, 37 width, 49 height.

Leftward tilt: Degrees > 90.

3. Why is there a dot grid? Match the size text you are practicing to your journal grid. The dots do not download.

4. I don't want line and column numbers. Change the dot color to transparent using the vertical slider on the color picker.

5. The PDF wont download. Likely culprit: slow computer/low memory. Click and wait a bit. This upscales the image and processes it into a pdf.

6. Can the image be imported into a graphics app like Procreate? Absolutely. Put it on its own layer as a guide.

7. The PDF wont open in Acrobat. Likely culprit: Old version incompatibility from the PDF library this page uses. Try opening it in a different software.

8. The PNG is the wrong size. Culprit: HTML5 canvas toDataURL() has limited functionality. Open a word processor. Set the page to 8.5"x11". Zoom the view until page is showing on your screen at the correct size (hold up a ruler to the screen). Insert the PNG. Scale the PNG to match your ruler. Print.

9. The SVG wont open. Likely culprit: missing font. Open the SVG in a text editor and search/replace the font name with something on your computer. Match spelling and capitalization.

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