Creating a Comic Page in Adobe Photoshop

Creating a Comic Page in Adobe Photoshop

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Initial Setup

You'll want to work using the exact page dimensions you plan to publish with, including bleed area, margins, and gutters.

Use View, Guides, New Guide Layout and Clear Guides to create temporary guides that the Marquee Tool will auto-snap to if View, Snap, and Snap To, Guides is turned on.

On a new, blank layer, the Paint Bucket (G) can quickly fill the selected area.

Quick Panels

Create layers that can be used as clipping masks for your artwork and use these as panels.

Two methods to create the panel clipping layers: 1) Use a New Guide Layout to get the exact rectangle division you want.

2) Fill an entire layer and on a layer above that draw gutters with another color.

You can draw a straight line by clicking, holding the shift key down, and clicking the end point.

Panel Effects

Copy the panel clipping layer, set its Fill to 0, and apply layer effects.

Place this above the panel with artwork.

Speech Balloon

Create a main balloon shape and edit with the Direct Selection Tool and Convert Point Tool. On a new layer, create another shape to make the speech-direction pointer.

Group these two layers and add layer effects to the group.

If you do not see these tools, you may have to edit the toolbar and add them.

Balloon Text

Create a shape (oval works great).

Select the text tool.

Click on the shape.

The text will fill the shape.

Delete or hide the shape layer.

Use the Direct Selection Tool and Convert Point Tool to change the text shape.

Using a Template

Dramatically improve your workflow-speed by bypassing tedium using a template.

* You can create multiple balloons by duplicating the balloon group folder..

Download Template PSD.

Google Handlee Font.



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