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Theresa L. Ford - Writings

The Spiral Thought - An essay about self destruction. (1336 words)
Trade - A mysterious girl is stranded at an amusement park. (4693 words)
do what you want - Some things to think about. (20 kb)
Email Attachment - What goes through my head when I get email attachments. (8 kb)
The Intelligent Convention
A Bedtime Story

Top Ten Gruesome Spam List - This is the first thing I ever uploaded and my main reason for wanting a website. Historical. Monumental.
(I can put anything out into the world's mind. Of course... now everyone blogs so my spam page is really quite bland by comparison, but in its day, it was a worthy contribution.)

Group Stories

James and the Missing Space Station (Closed)
The Case of the Stolen Genes (Not Open Yet)

Spritz Speed Reader versions:

The Intelligent Convention

Bash Shell Script to Find Common Errors in Prose

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