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Create a Dreamcatcher SVG

In this section, the dreamcatcher design is created with appropriate line thickness and your customized number of lines and style.

SVG: Scalar Vector Graphic. Image defined by points and curves rather than dots (JPG, PNG).
Raster vs. Vector Images Explained

  2. Scroll down in the top configuration window and change the string width to 9 and 9 (clockwise and counterclockwise). This will preview your final ornament and give it sturdiness.
  3. Scroll back up and select the number of points (tangents) you want on your dreamcatcher. 10-18 is good.
  4. Optional. If you want an open center, enter an inner ellipse radius. 1-4 is good.
  5. Open at 2 cm:
  6. Scroll down in the top configuration window and change the inner and outer tangents by clicking in the boxes. The top and left areas give the best results.
  7. Modify dreamcatcher configuration until you are happy with the design.
    Tips: Avoid tiny openings. Keep the design simple and clean. Keep the design inside the default white canvas square.
  8. Download the line SVG. The full SVG has many layers with different styles for other art projects.
  9. These are the files created by this section of the tutorial.
    Dreamcatcher SVG
    Dreamcatcher SVG Design

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