Cattail.Nu 3D Printed Dreamcatcher Ornaments
by T. L. Ford

This tutorial covers step by step how to create a 3D Printed Dreamcatcher Ornament. While the configuration of the 3D printer is for the St. Mary's Library (Maryland, USA)'s specific makerspace printer, the final directions can be adapted to your print environment.

The skills learned in this tutorial can be used to convert hand-drawn line art to very simple 3D prints. To create more complex 3D prints, you will need to learn Blender (or another 3D software) beyond the simple steps shown here.



All of this is free and works for Mac and Windows.


  1. Create a Dreamcatcher SVG
  2. Edit SVG in Inkscape
  3. Convert SVG to 3D Object in Blender
  4. Configure 3D Print in PrusaSlicer and Upload to Library