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BOOKS by T. L. Ford

Available on Amazon (eBook, KU, and print)

Maz, Origin by T. L. Ford cover

Maz, Origin (NEW)

Can an escaped prisoner become an emissary at first contact?

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Colony One by T. L. Ford cover

Colony One

Can one girl take our civilization to space?

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My Art Cards volume 1 by T. L. Ford cover

My Art Cards (2 volumes)

500 full color drawings, doodles, and experiments.

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The Sound of the Light by Harriet R. Thorne cover

The Sound of the Light

T. L. Ford writing as Harriet R. Thorne.

What can a princess do to save her kingdom from a monster if that monster is her brother?

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Lawful Good Thief by T. L. Ford cover

Lawful Good Thief

Dungeons & Dragons style light adventure!

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Stealing Magic by T. L. Ford cover

Stealing Magic

Another Dungeons & Dragons style light adventure - sequel to Lawful Good Thief.

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Math for Artists by T. L. Ford cover

Math for Artists

Math through interactive images, 3D models, and videos. Apple iBook Only.

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About Me

I was created by
God, Donna, and Roy,
with the help of
family, friends, and teachers.
I am married to my true love, Ingi.
I dream. I learn. I create.

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Watercolor Instructor

I teach small in-person classes for $25/person (5-20 students). St. Mary's County, Maryland. In-Person Watercolor Class Details

Computer Programming / Database / SQL / Photoshop Homework Help and Tutoring

I help with high school and college-level computer classes. I will not do your homework for you, but I will explain it so that you understand and can do it. $35/hour. Online preferred.

For some quick FREE help, visit #programming-and-coding channel on the Iderfox Discord. I'm there as cattailnu, and there are several extremely knowledgeable, very helpful other people lurking around. It's a pay-it-forward type arrangement. You learn and and then become a helper.

Photoshop Instructor

I teach small online classes for $20/person (5-20 students). Choose what you would like your group to learn from basics to specific techniques, or just a Q&A.

Digital Art ( Book Covers, Graphics )

I create print-ready book cover art and basic illustrations. $35/hour.

Editing and Writing Assistance

I proof-read and provide feedback on short/partial pieces (usually < 10-20 pages). $35/hour.

Computer Programming

I specialize in databases for small businesses, but I also do custom websites. $50/hour.

Motivational Speaker / Workshops

I'm happy to present on (nearly any subject you find on this website) self-publishing, dealing with criticism and feedback, finishing projects, relational database design, origami, and... and... and... many things. I am a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer and am experienced - presenting online and in-person classes, speaking at conventions, and working with Girl Scouts. Price/compensation varies.