Fractal Designs

Fractal Adobe Photoshop Brushes

Fractal Thoughts

There exists within chaos patterns of divine beauty longing to be discovered, and yet only within the hands of an artist can their true beauty be realized.

Mandelbrot and Newton

Fractals are an ordered chaos, an intersection between mathematics and art, where each image comes from an algebraic formula. Repetition with variation. Unity with purpose. Used for texture and depth, fractals add a subtle nuance of rightness because there is order in nature's randomness. Used to accent collages, fractals add a distinctive and stylish elegance. The designs speak to our sense of correctness and rock our inner being.

I have made some of my fractals into Adobe Photoshop Brushes and made them free to download so you can use them in your art. The brushes are super high-resolution (>1400 pixels), semi-transparent, with varying contrast for a variety of artistic needs. You can also buy the original fractal renders (4000 pixels) used to create the brushes.

Try the brushes with layer styles and filters to give them shape and alter their impact. They also do interesting things when used for materials and bump maps in 3D rendering programs.

"We adore chaos because we love to produce order." - M. C. Escher

Free Downloads


11 high resolution (>1400 pixels), high contrast, semi-transparent Photoshop brushes made from traditional fractals, including Mandelbrot, Newton, and Julia fractals. See the brushes and installation instructions.


DOT Spiral 7

DOT Spirals

11 high resolution (>1400 pixels), lower contrast, semi-transparent Photoshop brushes made from a Julia spiral fractal with different direct orbit trap parameters. Higher contrast can be achieved by duplicating layers or using layer styles. See the brushes and installation instructions.

Royalties and License

These are free for download and use in commercial and non-commercial art. Selling and redistribution of the brushes and images (individually or as part of a collection) is strictly forbidden.

I request that you link from somewhere on your website back to something on my website or send 2 people to my website if you use them. My Website: Cattail.Nu

Buy Original Images

You can purchase the brushes and original fractals rendered at 4000x4000 pixels (PNG lossless format) along with the original fractals used to make the brushes (PNG lossless format). This is useful if (1) you'd rather not download such a large file or (2) if you want to use another graphics program or (3) if you want the 4000x4000 renders.

  • CD: Fractals 1: Classics and DOT Spirals
  • - Edit 10/31/2013 - These are no longer available online, contact me if you are interested.
Free Desktops

These are some images created using the brushes. Feel free to use them on your desktop - right click, set as desktop.

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection." - Michelangelo

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